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We want to make 2021 the year of climate action so we’re working to bring in new audiences to the climate movement, inspire people across the UK to take the action that the climate crisis demands, and support systems change for a more sustainable future.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 22 April 2021 to 12:00 PM, 29 April 2021

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  • “Possible is finding the key places and tipping-point moments that can shake up the status quo and offer an alternative approach to our energy future. I’m inspired.”

    — Jon Snow, Channel 4 News

  • “Maybe my contribution really is making a difference. And maybe my son will have a world worth living in after all. Thank you for making my week.”

    — Mike - Possible Supporter

  • “People that wouldn’t have done things like this before are now getting involved.”

    — Kenny - Solar Schools Volunteer


We are facing a climate crisis with vast consequences which will only get worse the longer we don’t act. Climate changes are already damaging the natural world, for example, in the UK alone, more than 1 in 7 native species face extinction and 56% are in decline (WWF, Living Planet). However, it is also a human crisis. As UN reports have shown, current inequalities mean disadvantaged groups will suffer disproportionately from climate change, through shortages, livelihood loss, flooding etc.


Working with communities and individuals around the UK, we run projects to inspire and support people to act against climate change and remove barriers to action. Whether it's planting trees, reimagining parks, or lobbying MPs, we focus on areas where the public can have the biggest impact. We proactively work to include as many people as possible and meet the needs of UK communities because we know that if we’re going to move quick enough and ensure changes are fair, everyone must be involved.