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Saving species at risk

An estimated one million species are currently threatened with extinction. Despite this sobering number, we know that conservation makes a difference. Your generosity can support A Rocha conservationists, scientists and activists working to protect species at risk.

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Scientists estimate that one million species, out of a total eight million, are currently threatened with extinction. The destruction and degradation of habitats is by far the leading threat to biodiversity on land and in freshwater. Other threats include hunting and fishing, pollution, invasive species, infectious diseases, ocean acidification and climate change. As Sir David Attenborough said in last year’s BBC documentary, ‘Extinction: the Facts’, ‘We face a frightening future.’


A Rocha has been working in nature conservation since 1983. One of our distinctives is our firm hold on hope, because we have seen how conservation works; there are many stories of places, plants and animals that are still here today thanks to A Rocha’s supporters. Nevertheless, the threat to species doesn’t stop here. So A Rocha’s conservation teams continue to work in places like the Dakatcha Woodland in Kenya and Bannerghatta National Park in India to protect nature at risk.