Saving Britain’s Iconic and Threatened Rainforest

We have rainforest! But it is threatened. Our temperate rainforests are found in western Britain from Cornwall to Sutherland. It is globally important and home to a rich diversity of wildlife especially the lichens, mosses and ferns which make this habitat so unique and truly special.

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Our unique rainforests face many threats. The rich diversity of wildlife found in our rainforests; the lichens, mosses and ferns, is dependent on special conditions; ancient trees, clean air, open space and dappled light. These conditions are being degraded by the spread of invasive species like Rhododendron, grazing type and intensity, tree diseases, and air pollution. Our objective is to reverse the impact of these pressures through active management, public engagement and advocacy.


We will: - bring together partnerships and public support to tackle invasive Rhododendron - deliver habitat improvement, and train and advise land managers to keep our rainforests in top condition - protect lichens from ash dieback - campaign for cleaner air - record, map and monitor our rainforests and their lichens, mosses and ferns, and train volunteers to support this effort - address the severe lack of knowledge of rainforests through public learning and engagement activities

  • Our glorious but forgotten rainforests need your help. They are self-contained universes of incalculable richness – and in common with many of our most precious items of world heritage, need our love and guardianship to survive. Please support Plantlife to protect them for the future.

    — Philip Mould OBE, President of Plantlife

  • The Highlands and Islands Environment Foundation is pleased to support Plantlife’s work to protect Scotland’s globally important but rare and threatened rainforest habitat.

    — Sally McNaught, The Highlands and Islands Environment Foundation

  • Ground Control’s Evergreen environmental impact fund are thrilled to be able to support this significant project and help champion Britain’s, globally important, temperate rainforests and the biodiversity they support.

    — Chris Bawtree, Ground Control