Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Saving our marvellous meadows at Bowber Head Farm

With only 900 hectares of northern hay meadows left in existence, they are the most threatened and vulnerable wildlife habitats in Cumbria. The condition of the meadows at Bowber Head Farm has declined over the last 20 years. We must act now to restore the meadows and ensure there is no further loss

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Northern hay meadows are the most threatened and vulnerable wildlife habitats in Cumbria. Bowber Head Farm was once the best example of this habitat, but even here the quality of the habitat has declined over the last 20 years. Pollinators are dying out – their rate of extinction is 8 times that of mammals, birds and reptiles. They are losing the rich and diverse habitat they need. Other species including curlew and barn owls are also losing the places they need to live, breed and thrive.


We will improve and restore the meadows returning them to rich and biodiverse habitats. This will be by collecting seed, growing and planting out plug plants and good habitat management. Nest boxes will give barn owls and other birds a place to nest. Healthy meadows will give curlews a place to nest. Volunteer opportunities, talks and events will ensure the benefits of making space for nature are understood. Longer term, seed harvested from this site this will help restore other meadows.