Spark Inside

Enabling young prisoners to move on from Covid-19

Covid-19 has significantly exacerbated the issues young people in prisons and Young Offenders Institutions (YOIs) face while locked up. Our innovative coaching programmes will enable young people in/on release from prison to overcome the impact of Covid-19, to build brighter futures for themselves.


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United Kingdom

  • “Young people in prison have paid a high price in the pandemic – often forgotten by the media. Many have spent months with no family visits, face to face education or rehabilitation. Our coaches will be there to provide hope and the tools young people need move on and build a brighter future"

    — Vicki Cardwell, Spark Inside CEO

  • “The one-to-one sessions are good; you can get things off your chest…it can inspire you to do positive and new things; and it gives you the opportunity to speak to someone, coz in prison there’s not always someone to hear you because people are busy”

    — Spark Inside beneficiary, aged 21

  • “After my life coaching sessions I changed myself in prison. I kept my head down, got a job and started helping other prisoners. It made me think twice, to find a better solution to resolve a situation. It’s something to wake up to, something to guide you and give you steps.”

    — Spark Inside beneficiary, aged 18

  • “To lead successful, crime-free lives when they leave custody, prisoners must change the way they feel about themselves and develop a belief that they can take control of their future.”

    — Charlie Taylor, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, report ‘What happens to prisoners in a pandemic?'


Covid-19 has led to long-term lockdown inside prisons and YOIs – with prisoners (including children) spending more than 22.5 hours a day in cells, with no family visits, education or services. Without the right support, there will undoubtably be a long-term negative impact on individuals’ mental health and future life chances. The Chief Inspective of Prisons warns: “It is likely that prisoners who are released with no support…will struggle to cope, potentially leading to further offending.”


Our coaching interventions will help shift mind-sets of young people) whilst in prison and on release from prison, so they can focus on moving on, resettling into their local community and developing a plan for a future that excites them, away from crime. Our interventions are proven to improve decision-making, empathy, resilience, future outlook and wellbeing, which are critical in recovering from the impact of both prison and Covid-19.