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In these unprecedented and uncertain times, War Years Remembered is at risk of being a casualty of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are launching this campaign to raise the funds needed for the museum to continue to operate in our current building, which has housed the collection for years.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 24 December 2020 to 12:00 AM, 31 January 2021

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  • Had a great experience the displays were excellent and the volunteer staff went above and beyond to make you welcome and their knowledge was second to none. I would recommend this place to all.

    — James J- Tripadvisor (Sep 2020)

  • Can’t recommend this place enough, the displays are so accurate and creative. The Historians are so knowledgeable, “every days a school day!” It is the best museum I have ever been too, you are able to take your time unlike some museums.

    — Karen M - Tripadvisor (Sep 2020)

  • The whole place is overwhelming, with a comprehensive collection of original pieces of history , it's a sin to call them artifacts, all have stories behind them and passionately brought to life by David. This place is a must see for anyone with an interest in the great war & world war 2.

    — John G- Tripadvisor (Aug 2020)

  • Brilliant museum and now with the Blair Mayne artifacts a must see. David and his volunteers are so knowledgeable about both wars and all the authentic items he has on show. The best war museum in this country that should be getting everyone's help and support.

    — Eddie G - Tripadvisor (Aug 2020)


Due to the current restrictions, we have been unable to open to the public, and have lost out on almost a year of donations. Without the needed income to pay our organizational costs, and without any support from the government, we are in danger of being put out of our building and shutting the charity down, as we do not have the funds for rent, maintenance and upkeep. We need monetary support from the people to ensure that War Years Remembered can survive this pandemic.


We are launching this campaign so that we can replace the income lost during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The volunteers at War Years Remembered have been working tirelessly applying for grants and looking at other funding. So far we have had little support from our government. A successful fundraising goal of £60000 will go a long way to solving our immediate financial issues and will ensure that War Years Remembered will survive to be enjoyed by future generations.