Wild Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire’s Grassroots Nature Recovery

This innovative project will pilot the creation of Grass Roots Local Nature Recovery Plans with five community-based initiatives in Oxfordshire. Connecting communities with their natural spaces, fostering local understanding of local biodiversity, and training volunteers.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1131540)

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348 days




Oxfordshire’s environmental assets are under huge pressure - we need our environment to help us combat climate change and to nurture our health and wellbeing. Decades of agricultural intensification and the expansion of towns and infrastructure has impacted the county particularly hard. This pressure is relentless with proposals for 3000 new dwellings per year under the Oxfordshire Plan2050 plus the OxCam Growth Arc.


The solution is to capitalize on the increasing desire amongst communities to take personal action to combat biodiversity loss and the climate emergency.