House of Illustration

The Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration

The Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration will be the world’s largest public arts space dedicated to illustration, comprising exhibition, education and events spaces. It will also become a permanent home for the 40,000 work archive of the organisation’s founder, Sir Quentin Blake.

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Prior to the establishment of House of Illustration as the UK's first centre for illustration, this hugely popular and important art form was underrepresented in the public arts landscape. We opened in King's Cross in 2014 but were unable to accommodate our growing audiences in these rented premises.


House of Illustration is now moving on from these temporary rented premises to a new, permanent home at New River Head, Islington where it will evolve in to the Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration. This will allow us to provide more and better facilities for our visitors, expand our programmes, display the Quentin Blake Archive and make our operation sustainable. The centre will open in autumn 2022; until then we will run an offsite education, events and touring exhibitions programme.

  • I am enormously proud to have my name associated with this international home for an art which I know and love, and for artists who speak in a myriad of visual languages, but are understood by all. It is going to be amazing.

    — Sir Quentin Blake