The Peace And Prosperity Trust

Emergency Fund for Lebanon

The Peace and Prosperity Trust has responded to the crisis in Lebanon by setting up an Emergency Healthcare Fund for sick children in Lebanon. The economic crisis in Lebanon, COVID and the recent explosion has left the healthcare system in desperate need of support. Help us to provide emergency care


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  • No Child Should Die in the Dawn of Life.

    — Danny Thomas, Founder CCCL

  • We must do all we can, and some measure beyond that, to care for those injured and heal the terrible unseen wounds this has created. That is what we will do.

    — Dr Fadlo R. Khuri, President, American Universtiy of Beirut


Lebanon is in crisis. Due to the economic crisis, COVID and the recent explosion, many families have lost their jobs and homes. Medical care for their sick children is costly and families are unable to afford the care and medicine. The recent explosion has destroyed three hospitals in Lebanon, taking away urgent medical help for many children. We need your support, now more than ever, to be able to sustain the treatment of children with cancer in Lebanon.


The Peace and Prosperity Trust Emergency Healthcare Fund will help provide urgent medical care to children in need by providing additional beds in existing hospitals and a specialised emergency unit where patients can be transferred to. CCCL treat over 300 children with cancer in Lebanon every year with an amazing 80% cure rate. Your donations will help continue vital work in providing free medical care for children without discrimination. It costs £55,000 to run the centre.