The Brain Tumour Charity

Relaunching research into brain tumours

The COVID-19 pandemic led to lab research grinding to a halt with researchers either working from home, being redeployed to frontline healthcare or shifting focus to support the COVID-19 research effort.We’re ready to get our life-saving research back on track and need your help to make this happen.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 18 August 2020 to 12:00 PM, 25 August 2020

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Brain tumours don’t stop because of a pandemic, but with labs closing due to COVID-19 we’ve seen a rapid reduction in our research activity with inevitable delays in almost all of our funded projects. As we begin to look forward to kick-starting our research, we will need your help to pick up momentum as soon as possible. Brain tumours are notoriously complex and already lag far behind other diseases. We can’t afford for vital research to be delayed - a cure simply can’t wait.


We’re determined to help the research community get back on track, ensuring our world-class research does not miss a beat. We’ll ensure that researchers can quickly pick up where they left off without additional delays or uncertainties around funding, moving further, faster to help every single person affected by this disease. We’re committed to our current research portfolio and investing in future projects to find safer, more effective treatments.

  • 'The hardest thing to accept was that nothing could be done for my mum – that I had to stop fighting for a treatment or cure that wasn't there. I’m backing The Brain Tumour Charity as new research is vital to one day find a cure and to improve quality of life for people living with brain tumours.'

    — Cindy Thompson,who lost her Mum Angela to a glioblastoma in 2018

  • 'We have work in labs which takes months, sometimes years to build up. We had a week to close that all down. We froze our tissue cultures and hope we’ll be able to revive them. As soon as we can get back in the lab we’ll be able to validate and understand what we’ve been discovering from our data.'

    — Professor Denise Sheer, Prof of Human Genetics at Barts & The London school of medicine & dentistry

  • 'We are no strangers to adversity, and we know that with your support we will get through this together'

    — Sarah Lindsell, CEO, The Brain Tumour Charity.