Father Hudson's Society

Preventing homelessness in Birmingham.

Tabor House provides accommodation for homeless people in the Birmingham area as well as support to return to work. The pandemic has meant that Tabor has had to adapt from being a night shelter only facility to 24 hour support.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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One in every 73 people in Birmingham are experiencing homelessness and they are one of the hardest-hit groups in this COVID-19 pandemic. Without a home, it's impossible to isolate or shield. Now, government-backed programmes of support are ending, people are at risk of being returned to the streets. Our vision is that no-one from Tabor House returns to the streets and gets the support they need to re-build their life and move away from the streets for good.“Without Tabor I would have nothing"


Despite the pandemic we would like Tabor House to remain open; providing a vital lifeline of support to those affected by homelessness. We will keep the building safe for residents with the installation and maintenance of Perspex pods and source an additional building to allow extra space. We will provide practical support to 11 people a night: a bed for the night, hot shower, laundry facilities, two hot meals and a supportive community and homely environment led by volunteers. We will offer our unique mentoring programme and person-centred support so people can move away from the streets, find a job and a new home.

  • “It’s a safe place to be, without Tabor House I would have remained on the streets.”

    — Service user

  • “I love Tabor House, it’s like my family.”

    — Service user