Zambian Youth - from Poverty into Decent Work

Workaid has previously helped to equip workshops in Zambian Youth Resource Centres so they can train disadvantaged young people in vocations such as tailoring and carpentry. We now want to provide starter kits so that more beneficiaries have the kit they need to start businesses when they graduate.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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Over half the Zambian population is extremely or moderately poor (over 75% in rural areas) and youth unemployment remains over 20% and will increase post Covid-19. Workaid has supported the Youth Resource Centre in Lusaka since 2016 and this year signed an agreement to supply the network of these that the government is building - there are now 20 YRCs. Experience shows that the employment prospects of the trainees is hampered by their lack of the physical kit they need to get started.


Workaid collects unwanted tools and equipment from around the UK. These are then refurbished by our volunteers and turned into starter kits - sewing machines with accessories for tailors, tools kits for electricians, masonry sets etc. These kits are loaned to small teams of YRC graduates in - they have use of them until they are earning enough money to repay the loan or to return them and buy their own.The kits are provided to small teams to reduce the chance that they are sold.

  • When I graduated I set up GHand Works with two others and I now employ 17 people and take interns from the YRC. It's really changed my life!

    — Gilbert Kawewe - graduate of the Lusaka YRC