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Neuro Therapy 'Virtual Centre' - Reaching Out

Support for more people who are vulnerable due to their long term neurological condition; through new on-line services, the ‘NTC Virtual Centre’ will reach new groups of individuals who are isolated either because of their new diagnosis or due to physical, financial &/or technological barriers.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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United Kingdom


10% of UK population have a neurological condition. Many are in Gov’s Vulnerable Group & have self-isolated since lockdown began & will continue to until Gov guidance changes or a vaccine is found, resulting in isolation, loneliness, stress, anxiety. NHS provision focuses on diagnosis & acute exacerbations, with little in between. Since COVID-19 all NTC services have been delivered virtually using technology & feedback shows they are a lifeline to our 450+ members. But know we could reach more.


Networking to cascade ‘Virtual Centre’ information to health, social-care bodies, local/regional voluntary groups and to identify hard-to-reach / isolated individuals. Development of a structured programme for the newly diagnosed or people still in work. More resources to enable increased delivery of on-line exercise classes. Targeted telephone support & counselling. Marketing & comms, incl website, newsletters & social media, to raise awareness of services & facilitate participation.

  • Just wanted to say thank you for these virtual sessions keeping us active and seeing your friendly faces .

    — Clare

  • With my walking (round and round the garden, now) morning stretches and weights I thought I would sail through, but as I might more realistically have expected you found quite a few of my unexercised muscles. It does work well with Zoom, and has the benefit of cutting out the 35 mile round trip!

    — Bryan

  • Thank you for the wonderful virtual classes on zoom, I am enjoying the exercise classes and coffee mornings, it is a real lifeline. Thank you so much for everything you are all doing behind the scenes for us. Thank you.

    — Michele

  • I am really enjoying the virtual exercise sessions, thank you to everyone at the Neuro Therapy Centre for all your hard work, support & dedication it's very much appreciated.

    — Jan