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Give children with cancer the gift of growing up

We believe that every child with cancer should have equal access to the best treatment and care. With your support we will increase the number of children diagnosed with cancer in low-income countries, improve the quality of care they receive, and provide financial and emotional support for families


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  • "When they told me I had cancer I was so shocked. I was devastated. I didn’t know that children could get cancer, I thought it was something that only happened to grown people."

    — Franklyn, Ghana

  • “It’s great that World Child Cancer is there to support families. Without this help, many more families would be unable to access the treatment their child needs to cure their cancer.”

    — Dr Shwe Sin, Myanmar

  • Families struggle to find the funds to pay for three meals a day yet alone the cost of cancer. Because of this, it is important for us as nurses to go above our duty of care to not only support the child, but also the families, with the mental stresses of having a child with cancer.

    — Nurse Pat, Ghana

  • “The whole team; doctors, nurses, play workers and staff have been so wonderful. When being told of Likem’s cancer I did not think I would see him smile again but now cannot wait to see him playing with his brother at home once more”

    — Likem’s mother, Ghana


This year over 300,000 children will develop cancer. Most of these children live in low-income countries where survival rates can be as low as 10%, compared to over 80% in high-income countries. Very few of these children will have access to an accurate diagnosis, let alone any form of effective treatment. We know, through our experience, that relatively simple interventions can be used to break down these challenges in a cost-effective way to ensure that more children with cancer survive.


We will raise awareness of childhood cancer in local communities and train healthcare professionals to spot its early warning signs to give children a faster route to treatment. By partnering healthcare professionals in high-income countries with those in low-income countries we will leave a legacy of skills development and improve care for children with cancer now and in the future. We will support treatment, transport, and face mask cost and emotional support for children and their families