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Y Skills Matter

This exciting learning programme gives formerly homeless young people living at The Y the chance to develop their skills, creativity and resilience for the tough road ahead. The Y will introduce a new theatre and technical skills module, with work placement and progression opportunities in The Y Theatre.


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  • Arts/Culture/HeritageArts/Culture/Heritage
  • Education/Training/EmploymentEducation/Training/Employment
  • Homeless/RefugeHomeless/Refuge


  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)


United Kingdom

  • My family life was unsettled and I spent 3 nights on a local park before I went to The Y. I get lots of support from staff especially with mental health and budgeting. This project is inspiring for residents as it is a great way to keep engaged and learn new skills that they can transfer in life.

    — Carl, current resident at The Y

  • This project utilises our unique position as a homeless charity and an arts venue to bridge the skills gap our young people face. It’s an excellent opportunity for them to gain practical and social skills that increase their self-esteem to help them develop and contribute to society.

    — Paul Brown, CEO at The Y

  • This will be very positive in minimising the impact of the on-going effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on these homeless young people. The Y will support individuals to access mental health online resources as well as other positive activities and training as appropriate.

    — Chris Burgin, Director of Housing, Leicester City Council


The Y provides supported accommodation to 102 young people who have experienced homelessness, family breakdowns or trauma. 60% of the 16 – 25 year-olds that come to live at The Y are not in education, employment or training. Lockdown has increased anxiety, isolation and mental health issues that have negatively impacted their progress at a vulnerable time in their lives. Our young residents have concerns about finding permanent housing and are badly under-prepared for the world of work.


The Skills Coach and Teaching Theatre Technician will establish an enabling and nurturing environment for young residents to explore their aspirations, overcome barriers and develop new skills at their own pace. The skills coach role was created as part of our COVID-19 response to bridge the digital divide and support young people in a socially distanced world. The new teaching technician will help young people develop skills within The Y Theatre, part of our charity.