Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support (SARSAS)

Rape destroys lives. SARSAS helps rebuild them.

Rape and sexual abuse can derail someone’s life but through specialist support and counselling we can help people regain control of their lives. All victims/survivors should have the support they need to heal. Please help us to make that a reality.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020


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  • “Support from SARSAS is helping to change my life infinitely for the better. You are all amazing!"

    — Service User

  • ‘I felt I could say anything. After 60 years it was good to talk to someone kind and helpful. It gave me peace of mind’.

    — Service User

  • “I cannot thank SARSAS enough for the support I was given, I feel a different person to the one who walked into my first appointment. My counsellor was amazing, she helped me so much. She was very easy to open up to and it was extremely cathartic when I was able to let go in such a safe space."

    — Service User


For most of the people we support, the impact of being raped or sexually abused can affect all aspects of their lives for years, or decades, or forever. It impacts on emotional well-being, family and relationships, work and career, and mental health. In extreme cases sexual violence can lead to future substance misuse, domestic abuse, sex work and homelessness.


We are raising funds to support women who have experienced sexual abuse or assault at any time in their lives. We provide counselling through a range of trauma-informed approaches, specialist support work and therapeutic group work. SARSAS is there to support people aged 13 and over across five counties including Bristol, Bath and Somerset. In addition to our therapeutic services, we campaign and educate the public about sexual violence, raising awareness of the issues and impact of rape and sexual abuse on wider society. We train other professionals in related fields to help them recognise when someone might need specialist sexual violence support.