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Ardent8: Bringing Outsiders In

Ardent8 is a career development programme to support young graduating actors from areas of deprivation who face a disproportiante disadvantage to forging their careers compared to London-based or more affluent peers. It's an opportunity to gain an equal footing that would otherwise be inaccessible

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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Hundreds of young acting graduates leave education to embark on their career journeys. For those outside of London, the leap is just too great. If someone can’t afford to go to drama school or buy a ticket to see a show or afford the train fare to attend an audition, that person is disadvantaged. As a result, many young people give up before they’ve even begun. Covid-19 has also denied many an all important end of year showcase performance to get that vital first step on the career ladder


We are offering 8 young graduates (7 actors and 1 stage manager) an opportunity to perform for one-week in a professionally paid production in London that will be devised with the group. It will provide the showcase opportunity they have been denied and a chance to make contact with agents, directors and casting directors as well as build a London networks with peers. The production will mark the culmination of a yearlong support programme of workshops and mentoring.

  • Being able to have recent professional work on my CV so I wouldn't feel embarrassed when sending my CV out and the potential of people actually taking me seriously as an actor when looking for my next job.

    — Ardent8 Participant

  • Eight talented young actors prove they more than deserve to take their place on the London stage. Funny and challenging, the play makes us consider what’s really important, and the price we’re willing to pay – both financial and otherwise – to get our hands on it.

    — Theatre Things - Review of previous Ardent8 production