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The Circle’s End Violence Appeal

15 million more cases of domestic violence are estimated globally for every 3 months of lockdown – the trauma will be long lasting. The Circle’s End Violence Appeal will fund services for victims including helplines, refuges and counselling in communities in South Africa, Uganda and the UK.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020


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  • "The crisis for thousands of women living in poverty is acute. Many no longer have any income, are suffering domestic violence and have nowhere to turn."

    — Annie Lennox, Founder of The Circle

  • "The COVID pandemic has turned the work upside down and The Circle stands in solidarity. It has long been there for the world’s most vulnerable women and girls and we continue to provide support at a time of great urgency. Please help us give the gift of safety this year."

    — Raakhi Shah, CEO of The Circle

  • "I will go to my grave amazed, overawed and humbled by the kindness of strangers. Thank you to you and your colleagues for your continued association with us."

    — Our friends at Nonceba


It was predicted for every three months of lockdown, that there would be an additional 15 million cases of domestic violence. For many of us, home means safety, but for millions of women this means being trapped alongside your abuser. The trauma of gender-based violence will be one of the long-lasting impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re funding survivor services including helplines, counselling and refuges to ensure that women and girls can access essential, lifesaving services needed.


There has been a sharp increase in cases of domestic violence across the globe. We need to ensure that victims can access support, especially where social restrictions are in place due to the pandemic. It is essential for survivors, especially those without access to ongoing support, to access the safety and care. We're working with grass-roots partners to ensure that refuges and community outreach are equipped to deal with as many cases of intimate partner violence as possible.