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Providing breakfast porridge for nursery children

Last year we were able to commence the provision of a nourishing breakfast for children at 2 of our nursery schools. The disastrous impact of Covid-19 has pushed many more families back into abject poverty. This makes it even more important to continue and even expand this initiative.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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Families are so poor that children are coming to school without having eaten anything. This affects their levels of attention and ability to learn. It is a struggle for the parents to send them to school in the first place, as they have to pay for the school fees and uniforms. We want to ensure the children have some food when they arrive, so they can concentrate and benefit from the educational experience. We believe that education is the best route out of poverty, starting from 3-7 years.


Every morning when they arrive at nursery school the children are given porridge. The cooks prepare it runny enough to be served in plastic cups. Both the kids and the teachers love this nourishing start to their day. However, we want to ensure that we can continue offering porridge, and to more children. This breakfast, combined with our nursery education, will give these children a better start in life. A simple, yet effective way to make a real difference in The Gambia.

  • Our children are so grateful for their breakfast porridge - some of them arrive as early as 7.30 am! Everything has become more possible because their full tummies lead to effective learning, and there are no complaints about stomach pains.

    — A teacher at Makumbaya Nursery School

  • The breakfast porridge we can now supply at some schools improves lives. Children arrive at school punctually, the nutrition helps retain their learning, and they are happier! Also, the economical standing of their parents has improved because they don't have to worry about finding food money.

    — Education Director, Kemo Bah

  • Knowing there will be porridge, our children are so happy that they almost dance to school! To all of you who have supported us, we thank you. The porridge helps them a lot.

    — A parent at Mariama Mae School

  • The African Oyster Trust is a remarkable charity. All its work is funded by voluntary contributions. It has zero overheads. ALL the donations go to support the people and projects that need it most. You can be sure that every penny you donate will be put to good use.

    — Jackie Keyser, donor