Cam Sight

Supporting blind and visually impaired people

We support local people living with low vision across Cambridgeshire with ongoing practical and emotional support.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020


Registered Charity in England and Wales (201640)

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Championed by The Reed Foundation


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  • "Losing my sight, losing my job and losing my driving licence was more than I could bear! Without Cam Sight I know I wouldn't be here today."

    — Cam Sight member

  • "I was devastated about my sight loss, but after coming to the Emotional support group, meeting a variety of people and listening to their anxieties I realised there was hope."

    — Cam Sight member

  • "You have been so good to my Mum since she lost her sight to glaucoma. I don't know how my Mum would have got through this without her counsellor."

    — family member of a Cam Sight client

  • "Cam Sight have really, really helped my Mum (and Dad) when it seemed no one else could. Since she's been seeing the counsellor I've noticed a real turnaround in her attitude, she has just a bit more hope that she can come to terms with what has happened and that is worth its weight in gold."

    — Family member of a Cam Sight client


Across Cambridgeshire there are over 7,200 living with low vision and blindness. Most people cope well under the circumstances, others have deeper needs requiring longer term, more professional help to get them through.Overcoming these problems allow people to take advantage of the practical support that is available and access group and social activities. We have seen a 56% increase in the need for our emotional support services during lockdown.


We provide an outreach service for all our clients, our excellent partnership with local authorities means we act swiftly on referrals. We have two qualified counsellors who deliver the service on a one to one basis, in person, over the phone or in small groups. We have identified that 34% of people benefit from regular sessions and this is now part of our programme.