The Nottinghamshire Hospice Limited

Grant wishes of the dying & protect our NHS

A palliative nurse for a year, part of a new team born in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, who will: - Put care in place to receive patients out of hospital to die at home with loved ones close - Prevent emergency admissions to our NHS - Give physical and emotional support to carers and patients.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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People at the end of life are dying in unplanned and unfamiliar surroundings without support at home or on the way to hospital. When someone's dying wish is to be at home with loved ones, a hospital bed is not often the best place for them, especially when much palliative care can be administered at home. These NHS beds can transferred to recovering patients. We can act to end this injustice, help people have better supported and planned deaths, care of their choosing and protect our NHS.


By adding a registered nurse to our Hospice Discharge and Support Team. They will reduce admissions to, and facilitate discharge from hospital. Patients will be in the last weeks or days of life. Traditional care packages take unavailable time to put in place. Our nurse will put care in place to control pain and cascade specialist skills to our palliative team. Our nurse will help achieve "good deaths" and will help combat 83% who fear dying in pain, 59% in hospital and 67% alone. (Age UK)

  • "The nurses were so caring and gentle with my husband, I owe such a lot to the hospice."

    — Veera, 83, Wife of a past patient

  • “I enjoy having a laugh with lovely people that come. They supervise me in the shower, help dry my feet and put my dressing back on. They take me back to the bedroom if I need it. They give me confidence and give my husband peace of mind. I want to stay at home, and they can help me do this.

    — June, 82, Patient

  • "The hospice have very caring and compassionate staff. They are unsung heroes."

    — Sam, Carer.