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Liverpool Cathedral is at the heart of the civic and religious life of our city, and we are proud to be a place of Encounter for all. We stand not only as an internationally recognised architectural wonder, but as a thriving community with a congregation.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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Covid-19 has caused us to lose over 20% of our expected donations and earned income this year. We are asking for your support to enable us to build back stronger. We need funds to continue to care for our communities right now, and protect our heritage for the future. Many people think we get the majority of our funds from public sources and the national church. In fact, we don’t receive a penny from the government, and the national church supports us is through salaries for our clergy.


Liverpool Cathedral was made possible by ordinary people putting their hand in their pocket and giving something small. Together our ancestors built something huge for the generations that followed them. Now is the time for us to give what we can to secure Liverpool Cathedral for the children and grandchildren that will follow us. If every visitor in 2019 donated £4.49 we would have raised more than the £3.5 million we need annually to maintain Liverpool Cathedral.

  • During this time of Lockdown we have had plenty of time to reflect on how fortunate we are and how difficult it is for institutions we depend on. We made a decision to increase our monthly, gift aided, donation. A drop in the pond, we know , but who knows how far the ripples spread.

    — Peter Woods, High Sheriff of Merseyside for 2018-2019

  • When I met up with John, he had a flat at Gambier Terrace, the first place I ever went to stay out all night. We`d kip on mattresses on the kitchen floor listening to some Johnny Burnett record, and still the Cathedral would loom at you through every window of the flat. You couldn`t escape it.

    — Sir Paul McCartney

  • I trust that when this cathedral is built it will be built not only by the rich, but also by the pence of our poor… who will be able to look up to it and say “we helped build it” making them feel that the Church belongs to them and that they belong to the Church.

    — Francis Chavasse, Second Bishop of Liverpool, from his speech on 17 June 1901 at Liverpool Town Hall