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We provide a free audiobook service for anyone with a disability that makes reading print difficult. Please help us to produce 48 new audiobooks to keep our 14,500 members connected to books they love. Each book costs £250 to produce and will give many years of enjoyment to members around the UK.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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Only 7% of print books are converted to audio, the format needed for anyone who is unable to read print. This hugely limits their available options. The cost of buying audiobooks can be three times the price of the print version, making them inaccessible to many. Particularly for young people, this has serious implications for their ability to learn and develop. For the elderly, isolated, or disadvantaged, coming to terms with the loss of their sight, health or mobility coupled with losing their ability to read can be devastating.


We provide a free service of unabridged fiction and non-fiction audiobooks across a range of genres to appeal to members of all ages. We want to increase our book collection to appeal to our ever-increasing diverse membership, and to keep them engaged. We continually add new books from bestsellers to specialist books by award-winning new authors, and we also respond to member requests, making our collection continually unique and inclusive.

  • Calibre has restored my enjoyment of books and has helped with the depression I have experienced with my sight loss.

    — Calibre member

  • Thank you so much for having this fantastic website available to dyslexic children. My son is so grateful that he is able to listen to his school reading book that is not available anywhere else. He finds it so hard to read and now he can keep up with his classmates thanks to you.

    — May, London, mother of a Calibre member

  • Hannah has difficulty reading but loves being read to or listening to audiobooks. She has listened to many books via Calibre, her latest was Tolkien's Hobbit. She is a big fan of Diana Wynne Jones - thank you so much for considering her request and recording the last part of the series for her!

    — Zsofi, parent of a Calibre member

  • My younger brother Harry is dyslexic. Growing up, he found it a struggle to read. However, after signing up to Calibre, Harry became an avid listener who, having experienced a life without books, appreciates the value of reading. Calibre transformed his life.

    — Brother of a Calibre member

  • A great way of relaxing and focusing on the book rather than constantly reflecting on the news. I have found the service invaluable during lockdown.

    — Calibre member

  • I cannot tell you how valuable Calibre is to my son. He is dyslexic and gets very demoralised at the reading material given to him at school. Calibre has enabled him to read books appropriate to his age and interest level. It has opened a world for him which he didn't think he could be access.

    — Parent of a Calibre member

  • Before I joined Calibre the world of books disappeared and Calibre gave them back.

    — Calibre member