Freedom for Animals

Help end the capture of wild animals for aquariums

Thousands of animals are caught from the wild to be put on display in public aquariums. Ripped from their natural habitats and shipped across the world in cramped conditions, many are unlikely to survive the long and stressful journey. They need your help to expose this cruelty and fight for change!


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Many people visiting UK aquariums don’t realise that the animals in the tanks, the fish, turtles, octopuses and others, have been taken from the wild. They are caught from sensitive ocean habitats, shipped across the world in cramped conditions on journeys that can take hours. Many are believed to die on the journey. Previous research carried out by us in 2004 suggested 79% of animals in aquariums are wild caught. Yet information on the true impacts on animals in this trade is hard to come by.


We will carry out research into the trade to determine the number of animals taken from the wild, the suppliers, capture and transport methods, and animal welfare. We will visit and investigate 5 aquariums and an aquarium supplier, to find out what takes place and how the animals are treated. We will use this to raise public awareness and work with politicians. Crucially it will inform the next stages of a greater investigation into global suppliers, to follow the trade right back to the wild.