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Help find and free sex trafficked children

Today, 1 million children are in the commercial sex industry. Trafficked aged 5 and sold to a brothel at 15, Kashi* was silenced, abused and unable to escape - until IJM and police found her. Now, she is speaking out and asking us to listen. This Christmas, will you help find and free sex trafficked women and children?

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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Sex trafficking is a brutal crime where people are forced or tricked into commercial sexual exploitation for profit. Survivors, many just children, report horrific abuse, such as being violently beaten, injected with drugs, and brutalised day after day by countless men. Trafficked as a child, Kashi lost all hope, “I was abused and sold to a red-light district, shuffled around, and had my name changed. I didn’t believe I could trust anyone, everyone in my life wanted to hurt and exploit me”.


Sex trafficking thrives when perpetrators can commit the crime with little fear of being caught and when vulnerable people are not protected by law enforcement. International Justice Mission (IJM) partners with local authorities to: investigate cases of trafficking; coordinate rescue operations that free people who are trapped; help survivors heal through trauma-informed care; and ensure traffickers are arrested and held accountable. We train local authorities to tackle trafficking long-term.

  • There is a fire burning inside of me whenever I think of my past experiences. When the memories flash back, I can hear a voice yelling from the fire saying to me, “You have to fight. You must save other girls.”

    — Kashi* knows first-hand the horrors of sex trafficking and is determined to stop it

  • I will not be known as a girl who has gone through bad things. I will be known as a girl who has overcome bad things. I want one thing: what I have gone through to not happen to any other child. The fight to change society and protect other girls—this is my fight now.

    — Kashi* was trafficked aged five - but now she is a powerful anti-trafficking advocate

  • IJM is on the front lines fighting some of the worst violations of our times. I am confident this is a charity that is professional, compassionate and highly effective. I am so encouraged to see how entire justice systems are being transformed to protect the most vulnerable.

    — Kitty, IJM supporter

  • The stories I have heard of survivors who have been found, freed and whose lives have been transformed with the help of IJM have moved me profoundly. I am so impressed by the vision and dedication of the IJM team. It is an organisation having a global impact doing work that is incredibly important

    — IJM supporter