Mustard Seed Project (Kenya) (MSP)

Complete our school building to save £5,000 p.a.

We have a school for 275 poor children in a Mombasa slum providing quality education and a feeding programme. The ground floor plus six classrooms and the entire roof on the upper storey are complete. We are so close to finishing the building then all will be under one roof saving £5,000 p.a.


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  • Education/Training/EmploymentEducation/Training/Employment
  • Poverty Alleviation/ReliefPoverty Alleviation/Relief


  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)



  • God bless Mustard Seed Project and may they live a long life. Without them we would have no food, we would starve and our children could not learn.

    — Two parents collecting food and homework during Covid 19 lockdown

  • I have a warm place in my heart for the training you gave me. When I went to my new school, the headteacher saw my teaching and asked me to show the other teachers how to differentiate. (Differentiation is giving appropriate work according to the academic achievement of the child)

    — Former teacher, Innocent, who left to join a well-paid government school.


Primary School has been free in Kenya since 2003 but no new schools were built and no additional teachers were employed. As a result children are in very badly resourced classes of 80 to 120 and are taught by rote. They cannot attend school if they do not have shoes, uniform, stationery, textbooks and are unable to pay for afternoon tuition.The quality of education is very poor. Those who can afford it send their children to private schools but many of these have unqualified teachers.


We have a school for 275 poor children providing quality education and a feeding programme in classes of 25. We have built the ground floor of our own building plus six classrooms and the roof above. Most of the children are now in this building but 80 are in rented premises. When we have built the rest of the upper storey all children will be together. This will be much easier administratively, has better toilets and washing facilities against Covid and will save us £5,000 per year in rent.