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Hope in a time of crisis

In times of crisis, sometimes what gets you through is the knowledge that others care. While all eyes are locked on governments and their Coronavirus response, let human rights defenders around the world know that they have not been forgotten. Give them hope. Make a donation today.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 2 July 2020 to 5:00 PM, 9 July 2020

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While everyone’s attention is understandably on Coronavirus, all around the world many people are also dealing with human rights violations. To make a stand against human rights abuses is dangerous. Human rights defenders can find themselves out of work, prevented from accessing vital services, imprisoned or forced into exile. They can face sexual and physical violence, torture and even death at the hands of their oppressors.


Prisoners of Conscience provides financial assistance to people who have been persecuted to help keep them alive and safe. We pay for accommodation, medical and legal bills, food, clothing, travel and transport and more. The people we support tell us this makes a big difference to their lives. Not only does it mean they can survive physically but it also gives them hope. Hope that their actions haven’t been in vain. Hope that other people also care about human rights - and care about them.

  • "We have the right to protest. Prisoners of Conscience helps those people who don't. That is why I support this important charity."

    — Justin, supporter

  • "I was arrested for giving medical supplies to people in Darfur. It was the worst and toughest moment of my life. I faced all kinds of torture when I was in jail. The support Prisoners of Conscience gave me helped me so much. It made a big difference to my life and that of my children. Thank you."

    — Amina, beneficiary

  • "I had to flee my country because I was going to be killed for treating an injured member of the government opposition. You helped relieve all my stress about money. Thank you for all you have done. In the future, I will give back and help others in the same way you have helped me."

    — Faheema, beneficiary

  • "Freedom of speech and expression are under threat. We’ve seen a huge increase in the numbers of applications from people who have been persecuted for speaking the truth or expressing their beliefs. Of these, 80% had to flee their country. There are many, many people who need our help."

    — Gary Allison, director, Prisoners of Conscience