The Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (NW)

MS Therapy Centre NW Relocation Project

The refurbishment of our new centre will create a holistic and accessible therapy centre for those with multiple sclerosis and other long-term conditions which is sustainable long into the future.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020


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  • I'm looking forward to the opening of our new centre. The benefits to our members will be incredible. Having our own space will mean so many opportunities for classes and exciting activities we have never done before. This will be a great chance for more people to join our Therapy centre community.

    — Andrea Booth- Member, volunteer and Senior Operator.

  • I am looking forward to the move ,the new centre will offer so much opportunity for all the users.Having a bigger location means a more accessible facility. We will have a fully equipped gym which can be used at all times and we can extend therapies and increase the support we give.

    — Carol Halsall- Member.

  • Relocating to the new centre will allow us to offer a broader range of therapies in our positive, empowering setting to enrich the lives of a greater number of people with MS. This is in line with our aim to provide a centre of excellence for people from across the North West region.

    — Martin Moroney- Trustee.


Our current rental premises are no longer fit for purpose and we cannot service the demand for support from the growing community. In addition we keep renewing our rental lease yearly and our landlords may wish to expand their business We will be bringing a building previously used as a factory back into community use which will allow more partnerships with other organisations. We need to expand in order to help those enquiring with us weekly who are in need.


Our project seeks to refurbish a 3 storey building in order to diversify our offering and to support an increased number of people. In the new Centre we can offer physiotherapy sessions running alongside each other in different spaces as well as more classes and a gym space. We will have our own car park which will help our disabled members massively with accessibility. The location is accessible and owning our own premises will allow us to do more with the space including renting it out.