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Every eight minutes, one person in the UK will die from heart disease. So we can continue to carry out 2,500 potentially life-saving procedures a year on heart patients of all ages, we desperately need to replace the imaging equipment in our two oldest catheter laboratories (cath labs).

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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The lifespan of cath lab equipment is 10 years. The imaging systems in our two oldest cath labs are 15 years old, making it difficult to find reliable parts when they need replacing. Due to our expertise, our hospitals have treated 25% of the most critical Covid-19 patients in London. However, the organisational change required to deal with the pandemic has resulted in delaying cath lab procedures for hundreds of patients, many of whom are increasingly in need of a life saving procedure.


We are raising money to replace the imaging systems in two cath labs: • A new bi-plane imager at Royal Brompton will be used primarily for a range of paediatric procedures, such as closing heart ducts in premature babies weighing as little as 700g. We are the first and only centre in the UK doing this using a non-surgical method • Harefield Hospital’s new imaging system will be used for a range of adult procedures including primary angioplasties, which is emergency treatment for a heart attack

  • “At the time, my son was the smallest baby being treated with PDA in the UK. It was very nerve-wracking. For us, treating him minimally invasively was giving him the best chance, as he was born at 23 weeks. Everything went really well, and he is now doing great. I’m grateful.”

    — Mother of a patient

  • “Your support will help to transform our cath labs to match the expertise of our staff, as well as vastly improve the health outcomes of patients. By giving doctors uncompromised imaging at the lowest radiation levels, procedures will be safer and allow for more effective diagnoses and treatment.@

    — Mark Bowers, Divisional Intervention Lead - Cardiology and Surgery