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We all have a pancreas. But few of us know what it is, or that it can backfire with disastrous consequences. Pancreatitis affects over 30,000 people in the UK every year. Around 1500 will die of the condition. It’s time to get to grips with pancreatitis, stop the suffering and save lives.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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Jo’s dad died of a condition that three days earlier, she had never heard of – pancreatitis. On Monday, Gordon went into hospital. On Thursday, as Jo tells us – “We were told, in black and white, that my dad was not going to survive. Acute pancreatitis had taken over his organs.” No one should have to lose a loved one like this. But, right now, we just don’t understand enough about pancreatitis. There’s no effective treatment. There’s no cure. And there are too many unanswered questions.


Guts UK is the only UK charity funding a research fellowship into acute pancreatitis. Our current fellow, Dr James O’Kelly, is seeking to understand how inflammation in pancreatitis works, so we can build better drugs to prevent organ failure in pancreatitis patients. In 2021, we will begin a Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) on pancreatitis, to set research priorities. It’s time to get to grips with pancreatitis, stop the suffering and save lives.

  • My dream is that the most junior to the most senior members of staff, including doctors and professors in every hospital, learn from our pain and lack of understanding of this condition. I also hope that a cure for pancreatitis can be found.

    — Lois, who lost her husband to pancreatitis

  • I’m in constant fear now. Every time I get pain I worry – ‘Is this the big one, will I be back in hospital? Pancreatitis took away the carefree person I used to be.

    — Shannon, aged 11

  • We are making really good headway into solving this challenge. We are on the brink of some really exciting trials in acute pancreatitis.

    — Professor Damian Mole, Pancreatitis Researcher

  • The long list of links and information you kindly sent me has made me realise how little I have known as I have been struggling with Acute Chronic Pancreatitis since 2010, and has also made me wonder, although she has been really lovely and kind, how much my GP really knows about the illness.

    — Patient information enquirer