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Restoring wellbeing in 2021

After the very difficult experiences of 2020, vulnerable people with learning disabilities need a fresh start. With new ways of working to reflect the challenges of covid-19, we'll help the people we support to come to terms with their trauma, reset aspirations in life, and restore wellbeing in 2021

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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Lockdown left vulnerable people confused and traumatised. Recovery has been slow from isolation, with poor mental health and wellbeing. Our day opportunities work spaces are not now all fit for purpose, largely due to furniture which doesn’t allow social distancing. We do not have sufficient equipment and materials for single person usage. More staff support is required to develop mental health and wellbeing programmes and provide more individual attention to support people to stay safe.


To make 2021 a fresh start for everyone, we have to adapt for safe small group work at our venues, and provide focused support from home. Our site will become a Wellbeing Centre, with covered outdoor workspaces, refurbished rooms, furnished and equipped for activities accommodating social distance and improving wellbeing. Increased staffing and training will provide focused support to meet more individual needs both on site and from the home.

  • ‘I am a bit worried about Christmas as I usually go up north with family members, but I think I have to have Christmas apart from them this year. I’ve been feeling anxious and sad about it all but my time at Furzey Gardens doing gardening is therapeutic and helps.'

    — Maddie

  • ‘I find lockdown really stressful, I can't get out and about as I can’t walk far with my disability. I really missed going to Minstead. I was over the moon when I could come back! Coming to Minstead makes me feel happier and healthier.'

    — Janet

  • ‘The whole situation with the virus has been very stressful. The whole situation has made me feel a bit down but I have a book where I write down my feelings and talk them over with my support workers. They have really helped me. Things are still difficult but I am getting happier.’

    — Florrie