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Better Start, Better Future Appeal

By supporting our Better Start, Better Future Appeal you will be helping to make sure that babies who have, or are suspected of having, cerebral palsy receive vital early intervention treatment. The first 2 ½ years of life are critical; when our specialist therapy can make the biggest difference.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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  • The team has been truly amazing and really supportive to us as a family at a really difficult time in our lives. The therapists have worked with us to provide Verity with the right positioning and handling to help her achieve the milestones we all expect our children to reach.

    — Verity's Mum

  • The early intervention service has been such a comfort to us as we were doing something positive pretty much from day one for Sienna. The support and comfort that Cerebral Palsy Cymru provides means that the therapy doesn’t just stop with the child who receives it, the whole family benefits

    — Sienna's Mum


As a parent of a baby with cerebral palsy you are often told to wait and see how your child develops. This wait can be stressful and emotional for the parent but also detrimental for the child’s future. Evidence tells us that providing early intervention treatment as soon as possible is vital for a baby’s future outcomes. If missed this window of opportunity can never be regained. Around 70 babies in Wales are born every year who will have cerebral palsy; every baby needs this chance to thrive.


By supporting our Better Start, Better Future Appeal you will help fund our early intervention service for babies born at high risk of cerebral palsy. This vital service will improve the physical and emotional development of these babies helping improve their future outcomes such as being able to crawl, walk and communicate. You’ll also be giving their parents a better understanding of their condition and crucially, hope and a way forward in what can be the most difficult time of their lives