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Together to Tanzania

Together to Tanzania is a virtual walk, run and cycle from Aberfeldy, to Tabora in Tanzania. It will raise funds for Just Wheels, a charity based in Aberfeldy, which works to help people with mobility issues in Tabora Region in Tanzania through provision of a wheelchair and support. Please join us

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It ran from 1:00 AM, 6 June 2020 to 1:00 AM, 3 October 2020

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Registered Charity in Scotland (SC047294)

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Tanzania, United Republic of


People with disabilities, and particularly those with mobility issues in Tanzania are really at the bottom of the heap. Most disabled people live in poverty, with poor health and little opportunity to get an education. Life is hard. There are around 10,000 people in Tabora Region who need a wheelchair or mobility device. Most have no access to health care or support for their disabilities.


Through provision of a wheelchair, physiotherapy and education, Just Wheels aims to transform the lives of disabled people in Tabora. This campaign will raise money to pay for wheelchairs to be made locally, to World Health Organisation standards, and then provided to people who really need them. They will also receive physiotherapy and access to an education fund and educational support.