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Ways to Wellness at Style Acre

We are raising funds to boost physical and mental health amongst adults with learning disabilities and autism. The 'Ways to Wellness' programme will provide activities, tools and training to enable our community to take control of and manage their own wellbeing - key as we emerge from lockdown.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020


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  • I stayed at my parents’ during lockdown, I couldn’t have independence like normal. Style Acre helped me not to worry about things, helped me not miss out on things, helped me get involved with activities. Next year I’d like to be able to explore more and enjoy more of the things I love to do again.

    — Grace, supported by our community team

  • Wantage Garden is very precious to Hannah. She is very vocal about the benefits of being outside and in particular how gardening and just being at one with nature enables her to not think/worry so much about her difficult to control epilepsy and the side effects of medication. The team are great.

    — Vicki, parent of Hannah

  • I was stressed this year through changes to my routine... The changes were dreadful. T2 staff helped me by going for walks. It helped me get fitter and I could walk further... I could talk about my feelings and it made me feel better. It helped my family too as it meant we didn’t argue so much.

    — Daniel, attends T2 community hub

  • Covid’s changed things for me dramatically as I can’t see my family when I would like to. It’s also stopped most of my activities and seeing my friends. Style Acre competitions and activities have helped me feel happy. The staff has helped me supporting me, being there when I get stressed.

    — Tom, supported living


People with learning disabilities and autism face many challenges to their physical wellbeing and mental health, and these have been accentuated by the effect of lockdown. Changing routines overnight has taken a big toll despite phenomenal creativity from staff. For the 250 people we support in Oxfordshire, tools to encourage engagement in physical activity and manage mental health are key to rebuilding health and resilience. Without funding, we would be unable to provide these.


Our ‘Ways to Wellness’ programme will bring together our community and provide inspiration, support, and motivation to boost physical wellbeing and mental health. We will create community wide activities – virtual and in person – so people we support with learning disabilities and autism can achieve individual health and wellbeing goals, supported by staff and the wider community. Bespoke activities will include gardening, healthy eating, exercise, arts, music and fostering friendships.