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Northern Ballet’s Bring Back the Magic Appeal

Each year it costs over £500,000 to bring Northern Ballet’s magical productions to the stage. In 2021 our postponed new ballet Merlin will begin its belated world première tour across the UK. Donate today and help the magic of Merlin to finally become a reality.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020


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United Kingdom

  • Your performances impact diverse communities not just in the UK, but throughout the world... watching the Company's marvellous work has certainly been a comfort to me.

    — Northern Ballet donor

  • We are inordinately grateful for the enormous pleasure Northern Ballet has given us over the years... we now want our grandchildren to be able to enjoy the kind of experience we were given in Leeds!

    — Northern Ballet Patrons

  • I used to go and see dance companies regularly before losing a lot of my eyesight… a friend encouraged me to go to an audio visual performance and touch tour and your ballet was my first experience of this… it made such a positive difference and I will be returning to see further dance performances.

    — Visually impaired audience member

  • Another success for a Company going from strength to strength.

    — The Independent, reviewing the Company's new 2019 production, Victoria


The Covid-19 pandemic places a tremendous strain on performing arts and Northern Ballet’s ability to create and tour ballets. We were unable to bring Merlin to the stage in 2020 as planned. Telling new and original stories is vital to our work to engage and expand our audiences. “Without original new work, nothing moves forward, nothing evolves. How will we find the next Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty or Nutcracker if we are never allowed to try?” Kenneth Tindall, Choreographer


Merlin will offer audiences the chance to experience the magic of dance through world-class ballet storytelling. We will attract new audiences by presenting a modern take on a well-known story and by offering regular engagement opportunities throughout the creative process. We will also help break down barriers to dance with our outreach work such as touch tours and audio described performances for the visually impaired, school performances and insight workshops.