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Royal College of Music (RCM) Scholarships Fund

The RCM is one of the world’s great conservatoires, training gifted musicians from all over the world for international careers as performers, conductors and composers. The Scholarships Fund aims to ensure that financial circumstances do not prevent talented students from fulfilling their potential.

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  • Without the financial support that the College offered me, I would have found it almost impossible to make my way into the profession. By supporting the College’s most talented young students, you are playing your part in ensuring the future of classical music.

    — John Wilson, Conductor and RCM Alumnus

  • I feel fortunate to have benefitted from a Royal College of Music scholarship. This support helps towards my living fees, as well as any equipment and music I need for my education.

    — Gemma Riley, Scholar at the RCM

  • Scholarship support has allowed me to achieve my aspiration of studying in the UK. Now I can focus on my studies, enjoy world-class tuition and forge connections with individuals who are as passionate about making music as I am.

    — Oliver Lee, Scholar at the RCM

  • Receiving a scholarship at the Royal College of Music is a powerful gift. It is invaluable financial support but is so much more. It is trust in culture and, even more importantly, trust in the future of music.

    — Emilia Utter, Scholar at the RCM


Music tuition is expensive, as is the continual rising cost of living in London. The financial pressures on RCM students are acute and the cost of tuition fees deter many hugely talented students from applying. Our students have the ability to become the leading musicians of the next generation and to contribute significantly to the worldwide musical community. A lack of financial support for music students will, in time, drastically affect the cultural impact that music has on our society.


We are committed to attracting and nurturing exceptional musicians who can go on to share their gifts with the world. Our Scholarships Programme gives students, irrespective of their background, the opportunity to excel in their studies without financial worries. Currently 60% of our students receive some form of financial assistance to help cover the cost of tuition fees and living during their studies. Our long-term aim and ultimate vision is to provide scholarships to all our students.