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Taps + Toilets + Radio shows = Safer Rural Communities

We will help save lives in remote African communities through clean water, sanitation facilities and combating fake news around health crises. Water filters, hand-washing, toilets, radio and mobile messaging will help medics, families and leaders reduce the spread of viruses and waterborne disease.

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  • “In the communities there are a lot of misinformation, myths and harmful practices that pose public health risks therefore community meetings and radio programmes build community trust as the information shared is technical and credible.”

    — Emmanuel, Health Officer

  • Before we received this water filter, Temwa trained us how to be hygienic and how to use this water filter. In the past, we had some cholera diseases. Now, we have no cases of cholera, diarrhoea and other diseases. We are now safe because we drink safe water.

    — Jenala, Livuwu resident

  • I am so grateful to be able to turn on a tap and know the water is clean and safe. This is why I feel really passionate about providing water filters to remote communities in Malawi.

    — Sally, UK Supporter


Dirty water and poor hygiene are two of the main killers in the world's poorest communities. In Nkhata Bay North, Malawi, 3 in 5 people contract water-borne diseases each year. Behind this human tragedy is a lack of basic facilities, poor public health education and, increasingly, fake news. These factors have worsened the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic: people are slow to adopt safe practices, cannot access hand-washing or toilets and have been subject to bogus cures and misinformation.


Since 2017, Temwa has reduced water-borne diseases by 85% through portable water filters and training in hard-to-reach villages. Expanding this and early lessons from COVID-19, we will work with medics, media, youth and leaders to help households access clean water, hygiene training, toilets and hand washing units. A health fact check system using texts and local radio will help villages cut through misinformation. This will both reduce water-borne diseases and help stop deadly viruses.