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Rural Afghans need help to tackle the destructive impact of climate change. Despite being one of the smallest contributors to greenhouse gases, Afghanistan is one of the countries that is most aggressively experiencing its effects, making finding food a major challenge and putting lives at risk.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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As a result of reduced rainfall and higher temperatures Afghanistan faces increasingly severe challenges, from the degradation of land to growing water shortages. Over half the population relies on agriculture and families are finding it increasingly difficult to survive. Climate change is also increasing the frequency and severity of natural disasters such as droughts, floods and landslides, threatening lives and livelihoods on a yearly basis and forcing people to flee their homes.


Afghanaid supports rural communities which are highly vulnerable to climate change and climate-induced disasters to prepare, reduce the risks, and adapt to the changing conditions. Through providing training in managing sustainable ecosystems and assisting communities to develop and implement watershed and land use plans, we support communities to implement physical and ecological measures that help prevent floods and drought, grow more food, diversify agricultural livelihoods and save lives.

  • “We are seeing more and more floods and droughts. It worries me for my children. In the past week alone, flash floods destroyed hundreds of houses here. It’s either too much water - or not enough at all. Thanks to Afghanaid, I have learned new skills and we have raised 1,400 little trees!"

    — Seba

  • "The snow avalanches and water run-off used to destroy our crops and homes, which meant that we couldn't feed our families and didn't feel safe. Afghanaid provided us with trees to plant along here to stop the flow of the snow and water. Now we are safe and I also have a flourishing orchard."

    — Ali

  • "Before Afghanaid came to our village, every year floods would destroy our homes, our roads and our land... Without the knowledge of how to prepare and respond to disasters, we had to watch as parts of our community washed away."

    — Muhammad

  • While ongoing conflict was of course killing people throughout the country, climate change would bring a far larger worldwide devastation that was already visible in Afghanistan. 

    — Afghanistan’s National Environment Protection Agency