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People with eating disorders find themselves in a very dark place. tastelife offers steps out of that darkness, by providing compassionate knowledge, understanding, and tools for recovery. We support those with eating issues, their friends and family through our community course and resources.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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'I thought all hope for me had gone. My eating disorder took me over.' An estimated 4 million people in the UK have significant eating and food related problems. For many affected by eating disorders, plus their families and friends, normal life is impossible. The NHS must focus on the most severe cases; and hospital admissions are rising. Understanding and awareness in society remain low. Loved ones are unsure how to help, or how to find support for themselves. This is a hidden epidemic.


'At last I believe full recovery is there for me.' tastelife offers the 8 session, accredited community course - a unique, safe place for sufferers and carers to grow in understanding and hope, and access a toolkit for recovery. Trained leaders run this in over 30 locations and online. Vitally, tastelife creates self-sustaining centres, where volunteers directly help local sufferers. We offer ongoing support and mentoring, take NHS referrals, link with statutory services, and develop resources.

  • I definitely felt like I was beyond help, but this changed for me in session 4 of the course. I have gone from feeling desperate to feeling positive and optimistic about recovering from my eating disorder. It's a long journey, but I now have the tools to handle it. Thank you so much!

    — tastelife course participant, who had an eating disorder

  • The experience of this course has brought the issues out in to the open in our family; we are now talking about it, not ignoring it. It brought honesty into our home. I have been able to voice my own struggles too; and I understand more of what my daughter is going through - and even how to help.

    — tastelife course participant, who was supporting a loved one with an eating disorder

  • I now understand eating disorders and feel that I could help someone if they needed it.

    — young person attending the tastelife Youth Track sessions at school