The Labour Behind The Label Trust

Fighting for a fair and just garment industry

To ensure a transparent global garment supply chain in which workers are paid a living wage and no longer experience human rights abuses and labour exploitation.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020


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  • If these organisations are not here, the change we want to see will not happen

    — Rukmini, President of GLU, garment worker and activist (India)

  • I don't want someone in the world to suffer for my fashion choices so LBL helps me be informed as well as supporting worthwhile initiatives.

    — Marisa Gutherie (UK)

  • I can trust LBL to know where and how to apply pressure and help effect change.

    — LBL Regular Giver

  • [LBL does] fantastic and effective work for garment workers with a very small team and resources. I know my money is doing great work in your hands. You are determined and defiant and you speak the truth.

    — LBL Regular Giver


Garment production takes place almost exclusively in countries where worker rights’ infringements and labour exploitation are common. While the garment industry generates huge profits, young girls, women and migrants – the vast majority of the workforce – are being paid wages that force them to live in poverty. Living wages are a human right yet this industry is built on exploitation and growing under a lack of transparency that makes holding brands accountable difficult.


LBL is committed to ending exploitation in the garment industry. As part of the global Clean Clothes Campaign network we will work with partners to push for systemic change to this exploitative industry. We will continue to push brands to commit to disclose public supply chain data which includes wage data and use this as leverage for further advocacy. We will continue to liaise with brands and hold them to account when human rights are abused, ensuring workers' demands are heard and respected.