Indigo Volunteers

Indigo Volunteers

Indigo is a charity that connects independent volunteers with low-funded grass-root organisations working in the context of the European refugee and migrant crisis. We further support our partners by sharing resources with them, facilitating capacity building opportunities and psychosocial support.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1158459)

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Volunteers are often charged large fees to volunteer with irresponsible organisations who do not give considerable thought to the communities that they serve. Often referred to as 'voluntourism', the inaccessibility and irresponsibility of volunteering is a problematic reality that Indigo seeks to challenge. Organisations often do not have the time or resources to build their relevant capacities. Many NGOs are unable to improve their volunteer recruitment, up-skill or maximise their impact.


We regularly assess the needs of our partners in order to ensure that they are following best practices, and actively need international volunteers. Once it has been established that they do, we connect them with volunteers who have the right skills and attitude- at no cost to the volunteer or organisation. We offer our partners supplementary support by sharing best practice documents as well as training and psycho-social support to help our partners accomplish their aims more effectively.

  • “Indigo helped us find volunteers through the challenging time of the Covid outbreak and the fire in Moria camp. We are really grateful and impressed by the support the team gave us! Thank you!”

    — From our partner Refugee4Refugees

  • “I have no words to say how grateful I am for the existence of this organization - it simply changed my life perspective. Indigo manages to bring together everything that is missing in charity nowadays.”

    — From a volunteer in Greece

  • "foodKIND has been partnering with Indigo Volunteers for the past 4 years. In that time, they have provided us with 30% of our overall volunteers. Without Indigo, we would have difficulty to fulfil our mission of providing food and compassion to refugees in crisis"

    — From our partner foodKIND

  • "Over the past few months, Indigo has provided us with many volunteers, tailored to our needs, and sometimes with very short notice! In light of COVID-19, Indigo also provided us with relevant advice and resources. We are very grateful, as this partnership supports our program on many levels"

    — From our partner Lifting Hands International