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Supporting autistic individuals and their families

We provide unique artistic participation for autistic individuals and their families most at risk of isolation. In response to Covid-19 we set up new ways of delivering our work to the vulnerable families we support around the world. This campaign will help us continue reaching the marginalized.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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  • Our personal heroes during lockdown are Flute Theatre. During the crisis they have helped us and the entire autistic community EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT FAIL. My autistic son said ‘Hello’ for the first time after listening to Flute Theatre's Heartbeat Hellos for weeks.

    — Lisha Aquino Rooney - Parent of 8 year old autistic son

  • My son often gets frustrated when he is not been understood, he bites himself hits me and hits his head. I am so grateful to the Flute Theatre for not giving up on him and for giving him the opportunity to access the sessions as there are no places that he has access to, other than school.

    — Parent of autistic son who plays with us every week.

  • With Pericles, Flute Theatre have developed their outstanding work in the arts to enable them to continue supporting young people with Autism, giving them and their families a fantastic outlet for their creative energy and helping to combat the anxieties which this crisis has brought.

    — A Younger Theatre, review ★★★★★


Autistic individuals struggle with high levels of isolation and anxiety which have increased exponentially with the pressures imposed this year by the Covid-19 lockdown and the necessity for social distancing. Families have had to cope with extra stresses caring for their vulnerable autistic family members often with no help. The change in routine for the autistic individuals has caused extreme stress within households and many families have felt their situation was impossible.


Since March 19th 2020, Flute Theatre have provided contact and access for autistic individuals and their families every single day without fail with our live streamed Heartbeats on Instagram. By June 2020 over 1500 people have joined us from all the world creating a family that spreads its arms across the globe. We have adapted our realspace performances into interactive experiences for families to access online & created a unique online resource of Hunter Heartbeat activities on our website.