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House of Memories: Connect My Memories

Our tablet loan service will provide technology for socially isolated and vulnerable older people enabling them to access our My House of Memories app. The app allows families and carers supporting those living with dementia to explore objects from the past and share memories together.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020

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Through research, we know that socially isolated, vulnerable or disadvantaged older people often feel they are a burden on society and rarely try to access support for their loneliness. There are substantial barriers to digital social engagement for isolated older people, including a lack of access to technology and support to engage online. At House of Memories, we understand an older person’s history and memories are of great value and significance - especially for people living with dementia.


People collect and save memorabilia to celebrate and remember key life moments. Our approach will encourage participants to loan a tablet. Through an online workshop linked to the My House of Memories app; we can help them share their memories. Our programme will bridge the digital engagement gap for older people, providing access to technology and online support. We can enable renewed communication and connection with their neighbours, families and hard to reach community support networks.

  • House of Memories is not only going to loan you the tablet but they’re actually going to train you how to use it...This isn’t just a loan service, this is a gift of life. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to give a gift of life. To give people their life back to prevent social isolation.

    — My House of Memories app user

  • The great thing about this app is it allows you to 'visit' the museum from the comfort of your own home or a care home; it is great for every generation young or old and is a great conversation starter.

    — My House of Memories app user

  • The My House of Memories app is something that needs to be shared, it’s brought back what’s been lost to generations, the art of conversation. It actually helps people talk, it helps people communicate. It helps people feel useful...I actually feel part of society again.

    — My House of Memories app user