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Firefly International Big Give Christmas Challenge

Firefly International supports Firefly for Syrians, a locally led organisation working in Turkey and Syria. Firefly for Syrians is refugee led and addresses the needs of children impacted by violent conflict. This project delivers safe spaces and transformative educational opportunities for refugees

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 December 2020 to 12:00 PM, 8 December 2020


Registered Charity in Scotland (SC028744)

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  • Community Support & DevelopmentCommunity Support & Development
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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
  • Refugees/Asylum SeekersRefugees/Asylum Seekers
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  • “During the three months of this programme over 900 boys and girls attended our workshops each month. Our children have gained confidence in their abilities and have had an outlet for their curiosity and creativity. They are happy, more focused and this activity is accelerating their learning.”

    — Fadia Shaker, Director, Firefly for Syrians, on their learning project in Al Hamboushia Camp, Syria.

  • “I have really enjoyed our electricity lab it's so interesting to learn about how things work, even though we don’t always have electricity. I really enjoyed working with Maryam”

    — Lima, aged 10, from Khirbet Aljouz Camp, North Syria.

  • "Firefly is doing tremendous work for children affected by conflict they didn't cause. Children who need safe places and the chance to continue with their education."

    — Jeremy Irons, actor and Firefly supporter.

  • "Look what Firefly have achieved in twenty years. They work on a shoestring and deliver so much for children affected by war."

    — Bruce Munro, internationally renowned artist and Firefly supporter.


Firefly for Syrians works with children aged 5-18 forced to flee the Syrian Civil War. Thousands of displaced Syrian families currently live within Turkey and in camps on the Turkish/Syrian border. Due to conflict and the breakdown of civil society there is a lack of frameworks or projects which enable Syrians themselves to address the challenges they face by utilising their own knowledge and experience. Firefly for Syrians was founded by Firefly International to address this urgent, unmet need.


Firefly for Syrians provides safe spaces and an education programme delivering core curriculum areas to Syrian refugee children. In 2019-20, 850 children per month benefited from our programme, an increase from 700 monthly in 2018-19. This programme targets children's academic and psycho-social needs and plugs the gap of lost school years. Our Syrian team has established a very successful model which they have rolled out to centres in Antakya and to refugee camps in Northern Syria.