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Best Beginnings Appeal - Champions for Children

Due to COVID19, babies, pregnant families, and new parents urgently need support. The Appeal will support thousands of isolated parents with our NHS approved Baby Buddy app, providing empowering and quality- assured information for vulnerable families including links to 24/7 support.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 23 June 2020 to 6:00 PM, 3 July 2020

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1120054)

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Championed by The Childhood Trust


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  • Infants (<2)Infants (<2)
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Across London, there are yet-to-be-born and newborn babies cared for by parents who are isolated from their support networks and without adequate access to reliable information and healthcare professionals. Increased pressure on parents and reduced support services, puts some babies at huge risk. We aim to care for babies by supporting their parents to access reliable, relevant, and engaging information and support 24/7 to help mitigate the immediate and long-term consequences of the lockdown.


This funding will help Best Beginnings to support the mental and physical health of 10s of 1,000s pregnant families and new parents in London and across the UK. Baby Buddy helps parents optimise their children’s development during this period of isolation by supporting parents of all backgrounds 24/7/365 by themselves or with a partner. By continuing to support vulnerable parents and families we can help protect babies and toddlers at this time of national emergency and protect their futures.

  • Hi, first of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful job that you did on Baby buddy app, it was really helpful at all levels! Taught me a lot, gave me examples and experiences of others mums, and above all gave me the confidence to carry on this wonderful journey of being a mum.

    — A new mum and Baby Buddy user

  • I would like to thank you for staying by my side...Your help has been amazing. I was one step closer to falling into depression but with your help I was able to pull through. Your daily messages of encouragement and information on how to care for my baby has made this whole journey worthwhile.

    — A mum who has been using Baby Buddy sending feedback by email to the Best Beginnings team

  • Your baby buddy app is fantastic!! Cleverly written to make any struggling new mum feel normal! Thank you for helping me through the incredibly dark times after my daughters birth, this app has been on an incredible journey with me and my beautiful growing family!! Thanks all

    — A new mum and Buddy Buddy user

  • Just wanted to say, I'm really enjoying this app! I love how personal it all is- like the way our names appear in today's info..... Especially yesterday when I was having a bad day, and 'well done Beth for being Felix's mummy for 13 weeks now' and 'you're still breastfeeding ! Felix is very lucky!

    — A new mum and Baby Buddy user