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Doorstep Library: never more needed by London’s children

Whether in person, online or in the post, Doorstep Library breaks the cycle of poverty through reading programmes for children living on London’s most disadvantaged estates. We give children from isolated families a better future through improved literacy skills and the confidence to thrive at home and at school.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 23 June 2020 to 6:00 PM, 3 July 2020


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  • You don’t know my personal circumstances but it’s been a really tough two years for me and my kids and your visits every week really make them smile. You have no idea how much they look forward to your visits… I really do appreciate you.

    — Karen - mum of 4

  • I never had much confidence in my reading skills, and certainly didn’t like having to read when I was young. I never thought reading could be so much fun – I always regarded it as work, where reading out loud had to be word-perfect. But it’s about stories and time together and sharing an adventure.

    — Vickie - mum of 2

  • Doorstep Library made us all a happy family reading all together.

    — Tahir - dad of 3


The reading skills of children from disadvantaged backgrounds are on average almost three years behind those from the most affluent homes by the time they leave compulsory schooling. Lockdown is accelerating educational inequality at an alarming rate but the problem is much bigger than the last few months. Four in every ten children in London live in households in poverty. We have been fighting inequality in education since 2010, introducing the magic and benefits of reading, to more than 1,300 children.


We find those families who fall outside other community and school services and support them by introducing reading at home. Our impact is long-lasting. Our trained volunteers encourage both parents and children to read for pleasure together from a young age. We will continue to equip children living in London’s most deprived communities with essential literacy skills, confidence and a love of reading to break the cycle of poverty, now in this crisis and in the future.