Behind Every Kick

Behind Every Kick -Dealing with a Curve Ball

We believe that social and psychological aspects of sport can develop and empower young people to manage challenges, reach personal goals, build positive relationships & access career opportunities. BEK does this through a unique programme of training & skills development working across all sports.

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  • The insight into finance was extremely useful as I learnt about many individual experiences and gained essential interviewing advice from professionals. BEK gave me the chance to break my glass ceiling - showing me that working in successful establishments is possible where ever you are brought up.

    — Amira, BEK Graduate attending a BEK Connect Workshop at Barings Bank in February 2020

  • I am very impressed by BEK and so at IWG, we are committed to supporting them by offering opportunities (including mentoring) to young people interested in legal careers. We are delighted to have offered a summer placement this year to a participant -she has clearly benefited from the BEK programme.

    — David Ingram, Partner, Ingram Winter Green LLP

  • BEK has not only been a space where we have gained vital life skills but also, where we’ve all developed a greater understanding of ourselves. They have given us incredible opportunities to connect with other students and professionals while creating a support network, focused solely on helping us.

    — Ava, BEK Programme Participant, Age 16

  • I've seen the inspirational work BEK does with young people. Seeing my mentee realise that he can influence people by the way he communicates - be it his teammates, the referee or his parents - was so powerful. Attributing his confidence to BEK in winning a place at College was testament to BEK.

    — Ewan Flynn, BEK Mentor


The playing field is not level for many young Londoners living in low scoring socio -economic areas. Common challenges include low levels of self esteem due to negative attitudes of wider society, lack of positive role models,frequent inequality of opportunity,uninspiring environments. Social and economic circumstances are barriers to aspiration and accessible pathways to personal and career development. Covid -19 is an added disrupter and contributing to unrivalled uncertainly for young people.


BEK Development -interactive sessions utilising psychological and social aspects of sport to develop resilience and problem solving skills on and off the pitch. BEK Connect -Connecting young people with environments to which they can aspire,offering a platform to explore opportunities. Mentoring -Providing a chance to build a meaningful relationship and a consistent, trustworthy sounding board at a significant and pressured time in their lives Providing regular 'virtual' contact during Covid-19.