The Katherine Low Settlement Limited

KLS - Battersea Covid19 Emergency Response Fund

Double your donation today to help Katherine Low Settlement (a much loved, 96 year old, community-based charity) provide immediate and much-needed support throughout this Coronavirus crisis to impoverished and elderly local people in Battersea.

Donations open 11:00 AM, 3 April 2020 to 11:00 AM, 24 April 2020


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  • I've been keeping in touch with my young people, so far group WhatsApp video call has worked well. We're just talking about the current situation or about any other issues they're faced with. It has really helped to keep morale high.

    — Mery, in our Love to Learn team, supporting refugee young people during this crisis

  • I've just called and all is well. She suffers from anxiety and has memory issues, so I think it's a bit of a pressure cooker situation at home. She does have food but is scared it will run out. We've got the Angels round!

    — Sarah, Head of KLS' Elders Team, supporting a local elder this week


We estimate 15-25% of Battersea's population (elderly, those in poor physical/mental health, refugees, in insecure work etc) will be vulnerable to the effects of social isolation and poverty, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, over the coming months (Census, 2011; GLA mid-2016). This will result in local people not having access to basic necessities such as food and medicines, being lonely and isolated, debt and financial issues, family/relationship problems (including DV), health issues and more.


Your support will enable us to respond, adapt and refocus our work so that we can better support our members/users (300+elders, 250+refugee young people and their families, 100+ESOL (English) learners and 45+ community partners) in this time of crisis; and help us to coordinate the Battersea community response to Coronavirus with local partners such Battersea Coronavirus Angels, Big Local SW11 Alliance and the Wandsworth Voluntary Sector Partnership.