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Young women and trans youth in London have been badly affected by the coronavirus epidemic; we are fundraising so that we can support them now and in the future, using the healing power of music-making.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 23 June 2020 to 6:00 PM, 3 July 2020


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  • Girls Rock London has opened so many doors for her…she’s really turned her life around because of it. Anyone considering joining up with Girls Rock London, just do it. I wish I could do it myself!"

    — Parent of youth participant

  • In three words, I’d describe GRL as EMPOWERING, CREATIVE and FUN!

    — Youth Participant

  • Music is very important to my daughter and it helps her cope with her anxiety so much. She was so looking forward to returning this summer to Girls Rock London. Your donation will help girls like her continue to enjoy activities from them through this awful pandemic.

    — Parent of youth participant

  • At Girls Rock London I learned that it doesn’t matter at all what you wear, what you look like, what you have to be like, you can just be you! It’s just fun being who you really want to be rather than who people expect you to be.

    — Youth Participant


Girls and trans youth are facing a mental health crisis. Research reveals high levels of eating disorders and self-harm amongst teen girls and attempted suicide amongst trans youth, and that young people’s mental health has worsened since the pandemic began. In addition, organisations like ours working directly to support young people’s well-being are facing a significant drop in fundraising revenue from cancelled programmes and events, affecting our ability to meet our core running costs.


We will tackle these issues using the well-evidenced power of music to support positive mental health (see We will engage young people in new ways, creating resources to empower them to develop creativity and build resilience, connection and wellbeing in response to the current situation. We will also use this time to strengthen our organisation, investing in our large volunteer community so we emerge prepared to support young people who have been through a traumatic time.