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DMC (Drama Makes Me Calmer) Summer Camp

An opportunity for multiply disadvantaged children, who are stressed out due to severe poverty, learning difficulties or family issues and thus under-performing (socially, scholastically and behaviorally); to get away from the stresses, learn to self calm,regulate mood swings,access food and fun.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 23 June 2020 to 6:00 PM, 3 July 2020


Registered Charity in England and Wales (1145639)

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Championed by The Childhood Trust

  • Michy would spend every free waking hour on candy crush and talking to people online, people with shady histories that made me very nervous.DMC camp opened her to thrills of sports and arts. She was introduced to year round art and drama sessions.This year she wants to return as an Art Volunteer

    — Mr Freeman,Single Father

  • I look forwards to everything but mostly the FOOD.FOOD.FOOD. Plenty yogurts, Enough Chicken and fruits that are free for taking.

    — M.L, Past Participant

  • With regular therapy, I feel like every word costs my mum and I can`t let go, at drama camp, i can take my time, my friends root for me and I can be the person I Dream to be. Last year I acted as the good guy, and this year I will come to camp as truly the good guy.

    — Reece,12

  • My son learnt amazing tools, where he identifies negative emotions, and uses drama tools to deal with it. The screaming and passive aggression in my home is a thing of the past. He taught me the skills too. Its hilarious and beautiful, our house has become a theater instead of a war-zone.

    — Mrs Grosz,Mother


Our Drama Summer camp designed to offer respite,fun childhood experiences and teach coping skills,and self expression to 120 children and 15 young volunteers grappling with difficult home backgrounds exacerbated by poverty.These environmental stress adversely affect our users ability to function at best. 40% of these children were referred to us and signposted at risk,due to poor school attendance, history of misbehavior,social isolation,technology attachmen as a result of poverty & home stress.


DMC will give children a safe space,where play is supervised,where they access nutritious meals in absences of school meals,and opportunity to build life,sporting,emotional skills and resilience DMC is the opportunity to social skills and relationships.In our society, much “socializing” among adolescents and teens is done over social media.At camp,kids are forming relationships and practicing social skills face2face.Drama will help kids find their voice,regulate moods,build confidence and shine